Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecome Equipment (MTCTE)


The Department of Telecommunication of India had mandated that any Telecome Equipment must undergo prior Mandatory Testing and Certification.

Any OEM/ Importer/ Dealer who wishes to Import or sell any Telecome Equipment in India, shall have to obtain Certificate from Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) and Mark or Affix the Equipment with Appropriate Certification label.

The TEC certificate will be released for the model of the Telecome Equipment and the validity for the certificate will be Five Years.

This order will come into Effect from 1-Oct-2019 for some products, and more products will be added in different phases.

What are the different Types of schemes in TEC MTCTE?


    • Under this scheme the Applicant has to submit a test wise compliance sheet with Self Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) on the MTCTE portal.
    • All other Rules/Procedures applicable in case of GCS shall apply in case of SCS, except that test reports are not required to be submitted.
    • The certificate will be issued on the basis of SDoC.

    General Certification Scheme(GCS):

  • Applicant has to apply for the certification on MTCTE Portal.
  • Applicant has to get the Equipment tested against the Essential Requirements, from a designated CAB in India.
  • The test results will be submitted to TEC for evaluation.
  • If results are found compliant, certificate will be issued to the Applicant.

Which products are presently covered in TEC MTCTE?

      Products covered under SCS Scheme:

    • 2-Wire Telecome Equipment.
    • Modem.
    • G3 Fax Machine.
    • ISDN CPE.

    Products covered under GCS Scheme:

  • Cordless Telephone.
  • PABX.

What is the process of TEC MTCTE?

FAQ’s for the MTCTE:

  • Authorization letter (approval letter)
  • Registration letter of company
  • Affidavit for INDIAN OEM
  • MOU for Foreign manufacturer
  • BILL Of material (A format of BOM is also released on the MTCTE port which is fill by Manufacturer)
  • For authorization of an Indian company by Foreign OEM as its Authorized Indian representative (Nomination Form)
  • 2-Wire Telephone Equipments.
  • G3 Fax Machines
  • Modems.
  • Cordless Telephones.
  • ISDN Customer Premises Equipments
  • Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX).
  • PON Family of Broadband Equipment.
  • Transmission Terminal Equipment.
  • Feedback Device.
  • Router.
  • Precision timing protocol Grand Master Equipment.
  • IP Security Equipment.
  • Conferencing Equipment.
  • Point of Sale Devices
In case of AIR registration where same AIR has been Authorized by authorized by Multiple OEMs for taking MTCTE certificate for their Products, different MOU between the OEM/AIR has to be provided and Separate MTCTE accounts for each foreign OEM needs to be registered by AIR. For download or more details please click on the link

For download or more details please click on the link

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